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Retrofit: Throwback Accessories to Buy Now

Hindsight is 20/20. As much as we can try to predict consumer preferences and demands from runway takeaways, sometimes the mark is missed. Below, we’re recapping the trends that runway analysts picked for Fall and scoring hits and misses for what worked and what didn’t. What we did learn: retro is big — just make sure you pick the right accessories to match!


Wild Animal

The same animal prints taking over apparel are having a wild moment in accessories. Leopard gloves, scarf and hat, and snakeskin belt and bag, are all trends with positive and encouraging growth to last year (+40%). Leopard belts are growing particularly fast at 215% to LY.  And now we’re seeing even zebra emerge as the next possible animal print, especially in shoes, as well as colorful iterations of snakeskin and leopard in shades like red, green, blue, and neon. We’ve previewed the prints and patterns for spring in our recap from last week, but for fall, it’s obvious that animal print is the clear winner.


Mini Bar


The fanny pack is one of the most prolific retro trends to takeover and has been a top trend all year for both men and women. Pay attention to how shearling iterations and changes in terminology perform leading into spring. However, for context, keep in mind that fanny pack search volume is still 5.5X that of waist bag.

This trend has spurned other hands-free and mini iterations on the runway and in stores. However, not all bags are the same. The neck bags embraced by the likes of Giambattista Valli and Jacquemus (who created a unisex version) on the Fall/Winter runways, among others, have experienced a more tumultuous performance. Year-to-date neck bags have stagnated about evenly, sometimes even dipping into slight negative growth to last year. However, they did experience their highest peak of +54% in the last month suggesting that consumers haven’t yet decided on this hate-it-or-love-it trend. Mini bags are another trend up for debate after being promoted by Gigi Hadid on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon, but have overall held a modest growth of 11% to last year.


Lend an Ear

Designers like Tom Ford and Zadig & Voltaire bet big on chandelier earrings for their F/W ‘18 runways. Yet, consumer demand for chandelier earrings is down 18% to last year. Instead, shoppers are seeking out other styles, from asymmetrical to huggie and even the now full-blown hoop. It seems as if runway reporters missed the mark on this trend, but that earrings overall are the most sought-after jewelry category among consumers, with double the searches of the next biggest category, rings.


If The Glove Fits


Fall trend analysts all agreed that gloves were a key accessory for the season, but were less decided on which styles would catch on. About half of the predictions bet big on colored leather and long gloves — and missed. Yellow, white, and pink gloves are all declining in growth to last year, and red gloves are only up 1% with around 2,700 weekly average searches. Instead, more neutral styles embracing the textures of fall, from shearling, to fleece and cashmere are growing healthily and seem to be a hit with consumers.


Hair & Square


Scrunchies are up 166% to last year with over 96K weekly average searches. But it was claw clips that got forecasters excited after Alexander Wang released his iteration in late summer. While consumers are excited by hair accessories, it’s only the rapid acceleration of the scrunchie that should be seen as a sure bet.

Key Takeaways:

  • The same trends, from animal print to shearling and fleece, dominating apparel translate easily into accessories
  • Forecasters missed the mark on chandelier earrings, colorful leather gloves, and claw clips
  • Watch shearling fanny packs and colorful animal prints, and pay close attention to the ever-divisive neck bag trend