Just the Data: Summer Hair Accessories

by Trendalytics Team • June 2, 2022

This summer’s hair accessories add a subtle statement for beach vacations and days by the pool. Flower claw clips, rhinestone bobby pins, comb headbands and mini hair clips are safe bets–likely to continue growing for another year. A low volume trend, searches for flower claw clips are +927% to last year. Market adoption for the […]

Just the Data: Orb Rings

by Trendalytics Team • March 4, 2022

Larger than life accessories like orb rings turn an everyday outfit into a memorable moment. Parting ways with dainty rings and welcoming in chunky, statement-making orb rings, consumers are embracing the more is more aesthetic all the way from their fingers to their toes. A medium volume trend, there are 1.3K average weekly searches for orb rings, +169% […]

Trendalytics Predicts: Top 100 Trends of 2022

by Trendalytics Team • January 11, 2022

Preview our Top 100 Trend Report and discover what’s to come in 2022. Download the full report here. Women’s Fashion 2022 is all about confidence as skin-baring styles and elements of nostalgia take precedence. Women are looking to discover their unique sense of style and searching for a wardrobe that speaks to it. 1. Overexposed: Less […]

Just the Data: Balaclavas

by Trendalytics Team • January 10, 2022

Balaclavas are nothing new–having originated in Ukraine in the 1800s–but are now garnering mass attention as craftcore, winter weather, and the desire for protection intersect to create the perfect storm for the rise of Gen Z’s new favorite accessory. An extremely high volume trend, there are 201K average weekly searches for balaclavas, +44% to last year. Balaclavas […]

Most Searched For Trends of 2021

Top Trending Searches of 2021

by Trendalytics Team • December 21, 2021

Over the past year, we navigated new trends and new challenges. Here’s what was trending in 2021: AESTHETICS DARK ACADEMIA An aesthetic with over 1.8B views on TikTok, Dark Academia is a gothic interpretation of 20th century New England boarding school attire. Popularized by shows like Gossip Girl and Elite, the aesthetic is at once […]

Chunky Loafers

Just the Data: Chunky Loafers

by Trendalytics Team • December 7, 2021

Driven by the 90s revival and Gossip Girl reboot, chunky loafers are a preppy staple turned “it” shoe, claiming their place outside the office. A high volume trend, there are 15.7k average weekly searches for chunky loafers, +199% to last year. Currently a top market mover with 31% of new SKUs out of stock, market […]