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Right Message

Be bold, brand-right, and buzzworthy.


Discover which influencers are driving social buzz and be a part of the conversation by aligning content with consumer-friendly terms.

Be a Part of the Conversation

Distinguish brand voice and positioning in the market and message products at the peak of consumer demand.

Speak the Customer’s Language

Increase brand discoverability by identifying which terms to use in product descriptions and marketing.

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Enhance SEO/SEM

3x more consumers search for the term “ripped jeans” than “distressed jeans,” but there are 4x more products marketed as “distressed” than “ripped”. A digital marketing team surfaced this insight and changed their online copy and product descriptions to align with the customer-friendly term “ripped” jeans.

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Drive Brand Engagement

A social media manager for a leading department store increased the brand’s Instagram engagement by 30% by crafting an editorial calendar based on consumer shopping patterns and what’s trending in the market.

computer with images of printed leggings
Align Marketing with Consumer Demand

A marketing team decided to feature printed yoga pants in their next promotional mailer after identifying them as the top trend by search growth in the active leggings category. They pulled up content on the marketing calendar to react faster to trends and align messaging with consumer demand.

Unlock your full potential.

Trendalytics marries the art and science of retail to surface what consumers want today and tomorrow. Our team of experienced retail professionals can provide a custom assessment of how you can integrate data analytics into your workflow. We have walked in your shoes and will partner with you to identify opportunities that will give your business a competitive edge.