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Right Price

Find that sweet spot to drive the bottom line.


Maximize margin and stay competitive in the market by quickly analyzing pricing across products, departments, and brands.

Stay Competitive on Pricing

Quickly and easily compare competitor pricing in the market to surface price, promotional, and product assortment opportunities.

Monitor Promotions by Market Segment

Complete a pricing analysis of a department, product, or trend and filter by price range, color, and discount.

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Improve Gross Margin

A major national department conducted a price analysis of one of their outerwear styles versus competitors. They identified that they were priced relatively low compared to other brands and retailers and that demand was high based on social buzz and searches. Based on this data, they increased prices by 10% and improved the GM% without sacrificing sales.

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Monitor Promotional Activity

An accessories brand wanted to track promotional activity across multiple retailers. Previously the teams would manually go from website to website, but using Trendalytics they collected all of this information in one place faster and more efficiently.  From their analysis, they realized one of their major retailer partners had a higher markdown percentage of basic items used this to inform their wholesale line planning.

computer screen with retail industry data
Optimize Pricing Architecture

Using Trendalytics to compare competitor pricing, a major national department store identified whitespace opportunities for price buckets in woven tops by basics, seasonal items, and fashion buys. They completed this pricing analysis, which would normally take them 2-3 weeks, in a matter of hours and improved sell-through by bucketing products in the right price tiers.

Unlock your full potential.

Trendalytics marries the art and science of retail to surface what consumers want today and tomorrow. Our team of experienced retail professionals can provide a custom assessment of how you can integrate data analytics into your workflow. We have walked in your shoes and will partner with you to identify opportunities that will give your business a competitive edge.