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Right Product

Never miss out on the next big thing.


Increase sales by capitalizing on trends at the right time for your customer and benchmark your brand against key competitors.

Build a Strategic Assortment

Strategically grow, maintain, or decline products and trends based on market supply and consumer demand signals.  

Stay Ahead of Trends

Surface trends that are right for your customer based on social buzz, consumer search patterns, and market penetration.

Chase into Styles

A major national department store uses Trendalytics to find in-season chase opportunities during their monthly “open to buy” meetings. They identified cropped flared jeans as an emerging trend with early adopters. Although at the time the trend was too early for their market, they started monitoring the search growth and social actions and will chase into the style when it is relevant for their customer.

Identify Relevant Trends

During fashion month a private label manufacturing team identified a sweater trend with high social buzz related to one of the runway shows. Using Trendalytics they put together a presentation of relevant social images, search volume, and current product SKU’s. They then pitched this trend back to their customers and secured incremental styles and chase units.

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Maximize Profit Based on Trend Curve

Joggers were a top selling SKU at a specialty retailer for several seasons. Wondering if the trend was about to fall off, the merchant and design teams asked the question, are joggers still relevant? The team saw joggers still had significant search volume and 40% more people are searching for joggers than sweatpants. Despite the flat growth, the team felt confident they could capitalize on sales volume for another season and reassorted into jogger styles.

Unlock your full potential.

Trendalytics marries the art and science of retail to surface what consumers want today and tomorrow. Our team of experienced retail professionals can provide a custom assessment of how you can integrate data analytics into your workflow. We have walked in your shoes and will partner with you to identify opportunities that will give your business a competitive edge.