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Right Time

There’s no such thing as fashionably late.


Drive conversion and minimize markdowns by timing product deliveries and marketing campaigns with consumer shopping patterns by region + season.

Deliver at the Peak of Seasonality & Demand

Time product deliveries in line with seasonality and search to capitalize on periods of peak demand.

Plan Calendar Based on Shopping Patterns

Identify the top trends resonating with consumers based on social buzz and use those insights to plan marketing content and calendars.

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Capitalize on Trends at the Right Time

A specialty retailer tried bomber jackets when they first hit the runways two years prior, but it was too early for their customer and they had poor sales. As bomber jackets gained traction in the rest of the market, they ask the question is this trend now right for my customer? They used Trendalytics to analyze consumer interest across search, social, and product assortments and found that there was high demand – they were simply too early last time. The team added bomber jackets to their upcoming Spring assortment and did not miss out on a huge sales opportunity by flowing the trend at the right time for their customer.

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Adjust Flow Timing for Seasonality

A juniors merchandising team used Trendalytics to identify optimal delivery timing for shorts. They realized they could ship 2-3 months later in the year by analyzing peaks of consumer search volume. The team acted on these insights by pushing out the flow timing, in turn freeing up resources to invest deeper in other products and chase styles.

computer screen with retail graphs on formal dresses
Align Marketing with Consumer Behavior

An ecommerce team used Trendalytics to plan their quarterly marketing calendar. Looking at search volume history on the trend curve, the team found that customers start searching for prom dresses in January. Previously they had not started messaging prom dresses on the site and in email marketing until the end of Q1. The team changed the timing of their prom campaign to align with consumer demand and increase the SEO of their brand by aligning marketing with search patterns.

Unlock your full potential.

Trendalytics marries the art and science of retail to surface what consumers want today and tomorrow. Our team of experienced retail professionals can provide a custom assessment of how you can integrate data analytics into your workflow. We have walked in your shoes and will partner with you to identify opportunities that will give your business a competitive edge.