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What To Buy

Track your competitors. Listen to influencers. Unlock consumer demand. Discover trends.

How Much To Buy

Know if a trend is a top door or all door buy. Analyze your competitors with one click.

When To Buy

Capitalize on trends when the time is right.

new and emerging trends

Trendalytics leverages signals in Google Trends, social media, and ecomm market data to predict which trends are emerging and which have reached their peak.

your comp shopping process

Trendalytics gives you the ability to analyze competitors’ products, colors, assortment breadth, and pricing.

your merchant gut

Understand at a glance where a trend is in its life cycle: when it peaks; is it growing, declining, or stable; its velocity on social media.

Insights Data

a trend insider

Our industry experts provide weekly data-driven trend reports and monthly intelligence reports.

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  • "It is great to have the concrete, real time trend information that Trendalytics provides...Once we started implementing changes on our site and saw the immediate positive customer responses we knew that the Trendalytics tool was something we would be able to benefit from in the future."
    — Christine Hogan, Site Merchandising Manager at HBC Digital
  • “Trendalytics reveals a business segment that is undergoing substantial disruption as consumer preferences shift while new players leverage the right trends to boost sales.”
    — Arthur Zaczkiewicz, Executive Editor at WWD
  • "At Xcel Brands, we are building the future of commerce throughout the supply chain, targeting speed to market in both design and production. Data science and Trendalytics is core to the consumer centric, data driven approach we bring to our clients and the brands we own. It's an integral part of the value we bring to the market."  
    — Robert D’Loren, Chairman and CEO of Xcel Brands

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