Welcome to the era of

omni-consumer retail.

Trendalytics surfaces what consumers want today and tomorrow. We are the missing information link between traditional merchandising and dynamic consumer demand signals.

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Step into the mindset of the consumer.

You’ve already transformed your marketing—how will you evolve your merchandising strategy? To predict the future, you need to understand what drives consumers today.

Imagine what you could accomplish with a personal data scientist.

The best merchants connect the dots between product performance and visual trends from relevant influencers, street style, and runway collections. The problem is it’s hard to understand risks and opportunities based on gut intuition alone. It is impossible to manually track these trends at scale, in real time and across hundreds of brands.    

Enter Trendalytics. We give you superpowers.

Right Product

Increase sales by capitalizing on trends at the right time for your customer and benchmark your brand against key competitors.

Right Price

Maximize margin and stay competitive in the market by quickly analyzing pricing across products, departments, and brands.

Right Time

Drive conversion and minimize markdowns by timing product deliveries and marketing campaigns with consumer shopping patterns by region + season.

Right Message

Discover which influencers are driving social buzz and be a part of the conversation by aligning content with consumer-friendly terms.

Trade in hours of comp shopping, analysis paralysis, and scrolling websites for dynamic insights with a single click. Trendalytics does the heavy lifting for you by aggregating billions of consumer demand signals. As your personal data scientist, we take the guess work out of merchandising, so you can strategically grow your business.

Trendalytics is a product intelligence engine that thinks like a merchant.

Trendalytics is a product intelligence engine that decodes and enriches retail industry data to surface what consumers want today and tomorrow. As your personal data scientist, Trendalytics’ proprietary machine learning and image recognition technology superpowers clients with a 360° lens on consumer demand and market supply inflection points by classifying and translating data across social influencer buzz, online product searches, consumer shopping patterns, and SKU data into actionable merchandise insights. Our clients have increased sales, conversions, margins, and brand discoverability by incorporating Trendalytics insights into their workflows.

Unlock your full potential.

Trendalytics marries the art and science of retail to surface what consumers want today and tomorrow. Our team of experienced retail professionals can provide a custom assessment of how you can integrate data analytics into your workflow. We have walked in your shoes and will partner with you to identify opportunities that will give your business a competitive edge.