The closest thing to a crystal ball.

We are elevating Trend Forecasting to the next level.  Experience “Trend Science” through Trendalytics and the combination of Search, Social and E-commerce data.

Trend Discovery Data 2
Search Trends

Harness the power of Google Search

Understand trends without the guesswork. Our platform and team of industry experts combine to help you understand the magnitude and context of trends. Easily break ties between teams so you can spend more time growing your business – and less time doing manual research.

Consumer Focus

Hear what customers are trying to tell you

70% on average. That is how much content you miss scrolling through Instagram on your own. We curate and track 20K brands and influencers’ social feeds, across 5 different platforms, all to help you understand what trends are new, next, and done. Don’t worry about needing a separate work and private Instagram profile ever again.

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Market Adoption

Analyze the market in seconds

Access our pricing analytics and roll up assortments by attribute, category, and discount percentage. Track where a trend is in its adoption curve through the use of our proprietary market indices. Never be too early or too late again.

Use Cases

No matter what your role is, we have a solution for you.

  • Product Developer

    Trend Discovery

    Trendalytics leverages billions of signals in search, social, and Google Trends data to predict which trends are emerging and which have reached their peak.

    Capture higher margins

    Capture a higher margin than the category average on incremental sales.

    Save time

    Save at least one week every quarter per product developer by automating trend discovery and Instagram inspiration sourcing.

  • Buyer

    Comp Shopping

    Trendalytics gives you the ability to analyze competitors’ products, colors, assortment breadth, and pricing.

    Increase sales

    See an increase in sales in as little as 3 months.

    Save time

    Save 60+ hours every quarter per buyer by automating comp shopping and assortment analysis.

  • Merchandiser

    Search Curve

    Understand at a glance where a trend is in its life cycle: when it peaks; is it growing, declining, or stable; its velocity on social media.

    Increase sell-thru

    See an increase in sell-thru vs. the rest of your assortment for the same period of time.

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